Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

It's been a while since I posted anything new here on the blog.  Sometimes life gets really busy and while I'm still crafting, I forget to take pics and really don't like to blog about things that I can't show you.  Anyway, here's an ornament that  my daughter and I made the other day using a new technique.  It's done using a glass ornamennt, Pledge floor finish with Future Shine and glitter.  We used the Martha Stewart fine glitter that I had on hand.   
Making them couldn't be easier.  First you pour in the floor polish and swirl it around to coat the inside.  Once coated, drain the excess out.  If you're only making one, you can set it back on the open bottle of Pledge.  Otherwise, I suggest having a few paper cups to place them in so can drain a few while glittering.  Next you'll dump some glitter inside the ornament and swirl it to coat the inside.  Pour the excess out, put the cap on the ornament and you're done.  We added Lex's name to ours using vinyl and the Cricut, and tied a bow to match.  Easy, peasy!